Paris Taxi rates

CDG Airport  Orly Airport airport Beauvais Disneyland Paris or Parisian Station Créteil
origin CDG Airport   89€ 135€ 89€ 75€ 75€
Orly Airport 85€   145€ 85€ 65€ 65€
airport Beauvais 145€ 155€   148€ 135€ 145€
Disneyland 75€ 75€ 145€   85€ 50€
PARIS or Parisian Station 65€ 55€ 135€ 85€ 45€ 50€
85€ 70€ 155€ 85€ 65€ 65€
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Taxi can be considered as one of the major transportation methods available in Paris airport. Paris is a city that is loaded with many tourist attractions, thus making thousands of people from all over the world to visit this city on a regular basis. If you are looking for a Taxi in Paris airport, you need not browse the Internet again, as we are the most convenient option available to you. We have optimized our taxi services in such a way that you can easily book a trip and enjoy all the benefits attached to using a standard taxi service.





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